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This is the story of a usual man, like you and me.It contains everything-the love and hate,the happiness and the sorrow, horrors and miracles, honesty and betrayal, conscience and meanness. It could become a screenplay for a movie, but our goal is to receive maximum publicity, to get know the opinion of every person who will be interested in it, and also to find support of people who feel with us, those for whom the notions "honour" and "conscience" are still meaningful.We will appreciate and be thankful if you inform us about the people who have suffered in common situations, and probably you yourself among them. Having united, we will struggle for the justice.We stepped on a dangerous road as we decided to fight with the system and it may be finished tragically for us.We have made this desperate step because we hope to find like-minded persons in order to change, at least, one human's destiny which was made indigant by the caprice of self-appointed butchers, who drops all the holy things that we have into the dirt. Don't be indifferent to this fact. You could be walking in the shoes of the main actor in this story.


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Additional information on infringement of human rights in KZ

In a department of republic of Kazakhstans on struggle against corruption

To the consul of Germany in Almaty and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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